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Want To Be a Part of Lady Ridgeway Hospital

Apart  from  the  providence  from  the  Government  of  Sri  Lanka,  GENEROSITY   has  really  been  a cornerstone of our hospital since the very beginning. Thousands of philanthropists, donors, community fundraisers have been connected with us right throughout the 125 year long journey of Lady Ridgeway Hospital. So forth, we need the community support to accomplish our mission of treating our little children, the future of Sri Lanka with Quality, efficient, child friendly, modernized care. We are truly excited to fulfill our vision TOGETHER with you to make a difference in our little children’s lives, to bring them hope and a smile on their faces.

There is no two words that the government of Sri Lanka is spending billions and billions of money on free health care system in the country. While appreciating this fact, you can be a part of our journey through providing various needs from bed linen to medical equipment to a last will or rebuilding and refurbishment of wards and facilities or even something as big as contributing towards a major construction of the Master Plan. We are also finding solutions for our long waiting lists you can be a part of that too. Also, you might be an individual, a group of generous people or students or employees of a company, a volunteer group, a corporate sector company wanting to do a CSR project, we welcome all of you to join hands with us to bring a smile on the future of our country. Sometimes you yourself might have received care once upon a time in this hospital… may be ages ago…

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed for the safety of our health care staff by providing us with equipment, personal protective equipment and other items during COVID times. Special thanks to the UNICEF and Sri Lanka Navy for refurbishing our Isolation ward.

Please make note that we do not welcome cash donations and food items except for dry rations.

For more details please feel free to contact us on 0112693711 or 0112693712 – Extension 307


Let us know how you can help the Lady Ridgeway Hospital during this ongoing economic crisis by clicking here. You can see a list of the requirements here.

To donate for the ongoing Little Hearts project visit

Donate your skills and time to LRH as a volunteer.

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